The Merry Widow 2014


The current MOS production, in June 2014, is Franz Lehar’s The Merry Widow.

Our Director, Lou Tait, is moving the action forward a few decades to the 1930s, so the show will be full of glamour as well as romance – tailcoats for you gentlemen, and elegant evening dresses for our ladies. Our Music Director, leading the cast and 8 piece orchestra, is David Hazeldine once again.

Show Dates

  • Wednesday 4th June @ 7:30pm. Tickets £16 (£15 concessions on Weds and Sat only).
  • Thursday 5th June @ 7:30pm. Tickets £16.
  • Friday 6th June @ 7:30pm. Tickets £16.
  • Saturday 7th June @ 6:00pm. Tickets £16 (£15 concessions on Weds and Sat only).


At a high society party in Paris, hearts are set aflutter with the arrival of Anna Glavari – the beautiful, spirited and phenomenally wealthy widow of a man from the small country of Pontevedro. When the Pontevedrian Ambassador and embassy staff discover their tiny country will go bankrupt if Anna marries a foreigner, a plot unfolds to try and marry her off to the country’s most eligible bachelor – the dashing Count Danilo Danilovitsch. However Anna is looking for a man who will love her, not her fortune, and no-one is aware that he has broken her heart before. What follows is a witty tale of romance, exuberance and political intrigue, all brought to life by the magic of Lehár’s melodies.

Book your tickets for the last night on: 01628 671589.

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Show Pictures:


Show Cast

Role Name
Anna Liz Couper-Johnston
Danilo James Couper-Johnston
Valencienne Donna Macfadyen
Camille Seann Wilkinson
Baron Zeta John Timewell
St Brioche Chris Denton
Cascada Gareth Watkins
Njegus Kit Hobson
Kromov Mike Robinson
Olga Rosie Lake
Sylvia Mandy Hall
Praskovia Sally Ellis