Yeomen of the Guard 2013

Autumn 2013 Show

The Yeomen of the Guard with show week starting with Band Call on 17th November, public dates: 20-23rd November< We're very pleased to announce that Diane Hayler will be Director for our November 2013 production of The Yeomen of the Guard, joining Music Director, William Branston. Diane has appeared on stage with, and directed, several societies in the High Wycombe area in a range of shows, including G&S and modern musicals. William was most recently seen on stage with us as Tamino in The Magic Flute. Preview - Thursday 23rd May Auditions - Sunday 2nd June 2pm Taplow Village Hall Director: Diane Hayler
Musical Director: William Branston

Cast List

Well done to all those who auditioned. We are very grateful to everyone who put themselves through the process and sorry for those who, on this occasion, were not successful. We very much hope they will stay with the show which has got off to a great start.

Elsie: Cat Thompson
Point: Paul Seddon
Shadbolt: Ray Higgs
Phoebe: Sian Oxley
Dame Carruthers: Cathy Spooner
Kate: Kirsty Kinge
Fairfax: Seann Wilkinson
Leonard Meryll: Simon Classey
Sgt. Meryll: Peter Kidson
Lieutenant of the Tower: Chris Denton

Synopsis by Samuel Silvers

The setting of Yeomen is laid in the Tower of London in Shakespearean times. The plot concerns Colonel Fairfax, a gentleman, soldier and scientist, who has been sentenced to be beheaded in an hour on a false charge of sorcery. To avoid leaving his estate to his accuser (a cousin), and with the help of the Lieutenant of the Tower, Fairfax secretly marries Elsie Maynard, a strolling singer. The bride agrees to be blindfolded during the ceremony and expects to be a well-paid widow in an hour. With the help of the Meryll family, Fairfax escapes, throwing the Tower into confusion and the astonished Elsie (and her mentor, the jester Jack Point, who loves her) into despair. But Fairfax, disguised as Leonard Meryll, woos Elsie, and after a number of plot complications are worked out, she falls in love with Fairfax and leaves Jack Point broken-hearted.

The NODA report from Gordon Bird, NODA Representative, Area 14.

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