Yeomen of the Guard NODA Report

The MOS committee is delighted to release the NODA report for our 2013 Autumn show – The Yeomen of the Guard.

Download the NODA report as a PDF.


Congratulations to all involved for receiving such positive feedback including highlights such as:

“MOS’s production was superbly sung with some moments of fine individual performances.”

On Seann Wilkinson (Colonel Fairfax)

“I have seen Seann a couple of times now and have always been impressed with his singing and was not disappointed with this performance.”

On Paul Seddon (Jack Point)

“Paul… played “the strolling jester” with fabulous understanding. His performance on the last scene was exceptional – full of emotion and conveyed with immense, heartfelt torment. Well done.”

On Cat Thompson (Elsie Maynard)

“Cat gave a wonderful performance as the unwilling bride. I liked the transformation when she starts to fall in love with Fairfax. The quartet was outstanding, especially the unaccompanied sections. Congratulations on a very good all round performance.”

On Musical Director, William Branston

“All the characters sung superbly, as did the chorus, providing an enjoyable and pleasant sound that complimented the orchestration perfectly. Clearly everyone was very well rehearsed and knew the score.”

On Director, Diane Haylor

“The darker side of the show was brought out very well, I thought, helped by the subdued lighting (particularly in Act two). The show was very well cast with everyone knowing what to do… The ending, with the flower being held aloft in a freeze fame was very effective.”

On Sound, Matt Smith

The balance of the live orchestra with the singers on stage was successfully sustained throughout the show and achieved a wonderful balance of sound. I heard every word spoken and sung.

Please download the NODA report for the full roundup and review from Gordon Bird, NODA Representative of Area 14.